Who Are These Natural Mammas?

We’re a couple of moms living in rural northern New England, with 5 kids between us, who are striving to tread lightly on our Great Mother Earth through things like eating naturally, staying naturally beautiful, and raising kids who love and appreciate playing in nature.

We’re not always that great at it though…..

But, we’re committed to trying our best and learning more and more as we go so we can raise the natural family of our dreams; or, at least come as close to our ideals as possible!

We’re also committed to sharing the information we’ve found so other busy mammas and pappas like ourselves can raise a natural family more easily.

With interests and information ranging from natural health and wellness, to creating a natural home, to natural family living and beyond we enjoy searching out all the possible ways to tackle an issue naturally and then posting it here for everyone to enjoy.

That way, no matter how crazy life may seem to get, the information we all need to make natural choices about the issues we face daily is here, in one central location, so we can all be as natural as we can be to help the earth live!



2 thoughts on “Who Are These Natural Mammas?”

  1. I love your website. Thank you for all the effort you have put into it.
    My daughter and I would love to build an earthship someday. We have land but have to sell it due to a divorce. It is the perfect place and wish we could at least keep half of it. It is 40 acres in Bryce Canyon, Utah. If you know anyone that wants to homestead in one of the most beautiful places on earth please e-mail me. My daughter and I also un-school. Another un-poplular way of living around here. It is beautiful where we are living now near Zion National Park. But until we sell this property in Bryce we are stuck in a very tiny apartment. We cannot wait to get our hands dirty and live freely!!!
    Thanks again Natural Mamma’s!

  2. Hi Mammas and families. In 1976 when my son was 6 years old, I was told by the school I had to put him on medication because he was “hyper-active”. I, of course, refused. I got in touch with the Dr. Benjamin Feingold All Natural Diet Group. I found out that 80% of hyperactive kids were boys and 60 percent of them were blond haired and blue eyed. Naturally, my pediatrician told me I was naive and that diet wouldnt help, I just had to be a stricter mother!!! I bought Dr. Feingold’s books and got tons of information from the Group regarding food and chemical sensitivities which can cause hyper behavior in children AND adults. They issued a booklet with foods (by brand name) that were natural. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. I shopped around also. I began an organic garden. I used natural colors to do Easter eggs. Onion skins make yellow, redbeet juice makes red, and red cabbage makes blue. Then you can mix them for other colors. My kids and my grandchildren still try to follow this lifestyle as much as is humanly possible. After a year or so, my pediatrician looked at my beautiful children standing in his office in their undies and said “fabulous specimens”. I said ALL NATURAL (that means no colored toilet paper, scented soap, special toothpaste, etc, etc.). He actually called me and asked for the Feingold Group to refer a couple of his patients!!!! It was much harder back then to get organic foods, but one thing I didnt have to worry about GMO’s. Because his program did not work for ALL kids, it was pooh poohed and was disregarded. Parents preferred to put their kids on drugs, than to “give up” Froot Loops” and “Koolaid”. Mari Slagle

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