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Natural Fiber Clothing | Options And Ideas For A Conscious Closet

Reusing, Repurposing, and Recycling clothing is always the go to option for dressing in a fashionable yet eco friendly way, but, what if you just can’t find what you need?  What if you prefer new clothes?  What if people want to give you clothes for your baby shower, holiday gift or other event.  Clothes made from natural fibers are the next best option.

Natural fiber clothing is made from easily renewable, organic, and earth friendly materials.  Options include



Organic Cotton


There are many advantages to choosing natural fiber clothing.  There are less and often no pesticides or chemicals used to grow the fiber used to make your clothes whereas conventionally grown cotton for example is one of the most pesticide doused crops around.  The growing methods are more earth friendly (especially when you choose organic clothes) by using less resources and creating less waste and pollution too. You and your family don’t have to worry about you clothes “off gassing” while you wear them.  And, you know your money is going to support the conscious companies making these clothes and growing these fibers.

Of course, whatever type of clothing you’re looking into, always research each company you buy from.  Just because a business makes natural fiber clothing is not a guarantee that they also have fair labor practices, or that the clothes haven’t been shipped thousands of miles to get to you for example.  But, choosing clothing made from natural fibers goes a long way toward helping rid the earth of harmful chemical and, make new clothing safer for you and everyone else on the planet!






Nature Is Random…So Are These


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