Spilanthes plant natural medicine for canker sores

Natural Medicine For Even The Worst Canker Sores

Spilanthes plant natural medicine for canker soresWe get canker sores  (aka mouth sores) quite regularly here at our house, especially hubby and the boys.  Often caused by stress, at least for my guys, we also find them to be somewhat hereditary as grandma gets them wicked bad too.

For years I’ve been looking for a natural remedy that would help ease the pain the canker sores caused as well as make them stop appearing, but, nothing seemed to work.

Then, one day about a year or so ago now, an herbalist friend gave us a tincture of Spilanthes.

Commonly known as the “toothache herb” Spilanthes (Acmella Oleracea) is quite an amazing and beautiful plant.  Native to South America, it has nice big green leaves and beautiful yellow and red blooms that appear on tall thin stems above the leaves.

The herb’s most notable property is the numbing effect it has on the teeth and gums; hence its nickname.  Spilanthes has also been found to increase saliva production and, it also offers antifungal and antibacterial properties which can benefit the mouth as well as the entire body.

Additionally, Spilanthes offers antiparasitic properties which has made it useful in the treatment of malaria, and, it can be used topically on skin infections and wounds with great success.

Back to mouth sores though.  Spilanthes is simply excellent for mouth pain of any kind really including, toothaches, teething in babies, and cuts and sores in the mouth

To use the herb, many people simply chew the leaves and flower heads, but having a bit more precision in the method of application is better for mouth sores; which is where the tincture comes in handy.  Just a few drops of the Spilanthes tincture and the pain of the canker sore subsides instantly.  The numbing effect it gives isn’t quite like a chemical numbing agent, it’s gentler; yet interesting all the same as all numbing agents are!

The biggest perk we noticed from using the Spilanthes tincture though is how it helps the sore heal so much more quickly; a huge blessing.  The increase in saliva it produces is interesting too, yet oddly enough a nice bonus when you have a mouth sore as having a dry mouth makes them hurt more.

While we never used the synthetic numbing creams on our mouth sores that much, sometimes, they’d get so bad just a bit of relief was needed.  I never liked the thought of rubbing those chemicals into out systems though; especially the kids who have gotten them as young as 2 and who needed pain relief the most.

No more of that though!  We’re hoping to add Spilanthes to our new herb garden this spring actually so we can make our own mouth sore remedies because we’re all so grateful we can use this lovely plant as an excellent natural medicine to help us heal even the worst canker sores – and now, you can too!

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10 thoughts on “Natural Medicine For Even The Worst Canker Sores”

  1. Hi, I’ve suffered from canker sores all my life, and I have found an herbal remedy that’s been a life saver, but still, always interested in natural options. Thanks so much for this info on Spilanthes, I’m going to research it in more depth. The remedy I’ve been using for 10 yrs now is Canker Sores Begone, an herbal topical remedy. It heals my cankers overnight. When my mother was undergoing chemo, she would get these huge cankers on her tongue,and Canker Sores Begone healed those overnight, too. We both swear by it, but she always tells people about it in her cancer support group (glad to say she’s cancer free now).

    1. Hi Susan,

      Glad to hear your mom is cancer free too! And thanks so much for sharing the info about your favorite canker sore remedy! Have never heard of it but as we all know that can be one of the great things about connecting this way – we can all learn new natural ways of healing and supporting each other in our goals for a more natural lifestyle over all!

      Hope you enjoy Spilanthes! But, better yet – here’s to no mouth sores for all of us!

  2. Very interesting article, I’ve actually never heard of Spilanthes as a remedy for canker sores and cold sores, but you learn something new everyday 🙂 One useful remedy for cold sores I’ve used recently is honey. It works real well not only to stop the cold sore from spreading, but also causes it to heal faster because the cold sore virus has a hard time surviving in honey.

    1. Yes you sure do learn something new everyday Carrie! Thanks for stopping by.

      Spilanthes is most commonly known as a remedy for toothaches but is excellent for any type of oral pain and with the numbing effects combined w/antibacterial its excellent for canker sores!

      Honey is great for everything too – it’s anti microbial and antibacterial properties are excellent for all types of sores – including mouth sores. We enjoy it for sore throats as well as many other treatments.

      Take Care and hope you get a chance to try Spilanthes!

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