Natural Beauty Recipes

jar with flower for natural beauty recipesOur skin is the largest organ on our body – we should take care of it naturally!  Kids in particular are vulnerable to the chemicals and toxins that exist in most personal care products, but we’re all at risk.

There’s actually minimal regulation regarding beauty product ingredients and often, even though a label says “natural” its not.  This is distressing.

Choosing natural beauty can change all that though!  Truly natural beauty products come with special certifications such as those from Leaping Bunny, The Compact for Safe Cosmetics, Certified Organic, etc.

In addition, many natural beauty products can be made at home, and we’ll help you get started with these natural beauty recipes!

Using ingredients from around the house as well as herbs, homeopathy and more can help us help ourselves as well as our families look amazing and keep their skin beautiful and healthy naturally.

And please note – we are NOT doctors or skin specialists nor do we play them on TV : )  We’re just offering up recipes and tips that have worked for us and that we hope you’ll enjoy as well!

Feed Your Face With This Lemon, Honey, Oat, Banana Facial Recipe
This homemade skin care recipe makes me hungry just looking at it, let alone making it!  Lemons, honey, oats and bananas aren’t just a treat for your taste buds though, they have a lot of differ …

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