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Enhance Your Natural Home With House Plants

Looking for a way to bring that extra something to your home or office?  Try adding an indoor plant to your space.  They have a LOT to offer a natural home!

House plants offer proven benefits for your overall health and wellness including –

Improving Air Quality

Reducing Stress

Providing A Natural Feel or Ambiance

Increasing Feelings of Well Being and Happiness

House plants can also be a fun way to involve kids in the care of the natural family home.  They offer them a bit of responsibility, but not too much, while at the same time allowing children to experience the always miraculous event of watching something grow.

Not only do house plants have all of these benefits for us though; they’re affordable too!  You can find them pretty small for a dollar or two and enjoy the rewards of watching the plant grow, even if it is kind of slow.  Or, look for larger plants at yard sales and moving sales.   Last year when we were on the lookout for a few more large indoor plants to add to our new, much sunnier home we found some at a moving sale for free in fact!

house plant cuttings in a windowMany house plants make their own babies too like spider plants for example.  Others are pretty easy to re grow from cuttings like Jade Plants and Pothos.  Either way growing new plants this way can be another option to help make adding plants to your natural home affordable.

All you need to do to begin growing a new plant from the ones you already have is just take the tiny plant or the cutting, gently remove a few leaves from the bottom if necessary,  and put it in a jar of water in a sunny window.  Before you know it there will be roots coming out of the cutting and you’ll be able to plant your new plant into its pot of soil.

It can be fun to start or add to your collection of plants by asking your friends for cuttings of theirs too.  Much like separating plantings for sharing with fellow gardeners, sharing house plant cuttings is fun and makes the resulting plants even more meaningful.

Now, I know many will read this and say “I don’t have a green thumb – I can’t grow house plants” but there are some indoor plants, like Pothos and Spiders, that are so easy to grow.  You just need to be sure not to over water them.  Check the moisture level of the soil each time by hand and water only when its dry.  House plants are very forgiving and worth a shot even for those with the blackest of thumbs.

If you need affordable pots for your houseplants, check thrift stores, yard sales, and post on freecycle.org; never know what treasures you might find!  You can also reuse items from around the house like coffee cans or old tea cups.  Make plain pots more lively with paint, glitter, stickers, etc.  Chalkboard paint can be a neat addition to plant pots too.

House plants offer so much to a natural home and can bring many years of enjoyment with just a bit of your love and care.  Bring some plants into your home or office today and see what a difference they can make naturally.

Natural Remedies For Static Cling To Keep Things From Getting Too Charged!

During the winter static cling can become quite a nuisance. From pants attached to your legs, to a rogue pair of underwear sticking to your back, static electricity is a real drag.  But, what can you do?

Dryer sheets are some of the most popular solutions to keep clothing from putting out a little charge but, they’re toxic and can actually make you sick!  Best not to go that route.  Instead, we’ve gathered up this list of natural remedies for static electricity to help you keep away the static cling and the icky chemicals!


1/4 C Vinegar can be added to you wash and/or rinse cycle to get rid of static cling (and whiten whites, get rid of odors and so much more!).


Add 1/4 C of Borax to your load during the wash cycle and your clothes won’t stick to you or anything else anymore!

Natural Fabric Softeners

There are a few companies that make natural fabric softeners out of ingredients that are much safer for you and the environment than traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Body Lotion

If you run into a problem where you have static cling issues and you’re already dressed, just head back in and put some lotion on the affected area – the cling will be gone instantly!

drawing of clothes on line for natural remedy for static clingLine Drying

Using the dryer is the main source of static cling, line dry and it’s gone.  Drying your clothes on the line is a lot easier said than done in the winter though. Try stringing one up in your basement and see how much less static cling you have to deal with – and how much less your electric bill costs!

Avoid Over Drying

If line drying isn’t possible, try drying your clothes less.  Take them out when they’re just a bit wet and you’ll eliminate static cling.  Setting the dryer on “less dry” can help a lot.

Dampen Things Up

If the clothes are already full of static electricity when you remove them from the dryer or when they’re already on, try wetting your hands.  Then rub them on your clothes, or  keep your hands wet while folding the laundry out of the dryer.

Metal Hangers

If you have a metal hanger it can help you get rid of static cling just by rubbing it all over between you and your clothing.  The metal helps discharge the electricity and get your clothing hanging properly again.

We’re sure that with these natural remedies for static cling you can quit the toxic fabric softeners and dryer sheets and get rid of static electricity naturally instead.

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