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A New Spin On Black Friday

How’s this for “Black Friday” deals – Free black and black and white cats!  That’s what was going on at one of our local animal shelter today; so we went there instead of the local big box store or mall for an excellent Black Friday deal.  Here he is, Mr. Black Friday cat (aka Harry) to the left!

We have two other natural pets that are both from animal shelters as well and it really is so easy and wonderful to adopt a pet from an animal rescue organization.

As for Harry, we decided we’d like to explore getting another cat awhile ago but just hadn’t found the right opportunity.

Then, we heard about a special event one of our local animal shelters was having for  “Black Friday” and every other Friday in November; adult black, and black and white cats are free while black kittens and dogs are up for adoption with reduced rates.

Why black cats?  According to many shelters black colored pets are adopted far less often than their blond, grey, white or other colored brethren.  Yet, like everything else in life – it’s not the color that matters, it’s the spirit inside.

We were drawn to the special “sale” because we had a dear black cat (a stray my husband found and brought home) many years ago who was killed by a car.  My hubby, boys and I still hold a soft spot for all those black felines out there.  So, when we heard about this it seemed like a great event, at the right time, plus, the two older kids were of school for the day so they could come along with our youngest and I to pick out our new furry family member.

When we got to the shelter there were lovely cats everywhere!  So many were friendly and happy and just so sweet.  We pet all those we could but, did focus on the black freebies!

Then we saw him.  The coolest cat in the cave!  He was hanging out but not running around and just looked so awesome.  I picked him up and he just molded right to my shoulder.  Then he let the boys hold him….and that was it!  He was already neutered too as were all those cats that could go home today since spaying and neutering is such an important part of keeping animals out of shelters.

All we had to do was fill out a bit of paperwork and he was ours along with a bag of his food (so its easier to switch him over to the type of food we feed the cats) and a free vet checkup to boot!

It was fun, easy and although it was a bit sad we couldn’t take all the pets home, we’re glad to be offering a “furrever” home to at least one of them.

I simply can not recommend adopting a rescue pet enough.  So many cats, dogs and other pets need a home and, not only do you give them the gift of a new life filled with love – you get a new best friend!

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