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How to Clean Your Dishwasher Naturally

If you have a dishwasher, then you probably know it too needs to be cleaned periodically in order for it to continue to clean all your dishes the way its supposed to.  If you’re someone like me though who didn’t know that, hopefully you found this post before your dishwasher alerted you via its new stanky smell.

Once I “got wind” of the issue so to speak, I tried cleaning out the dishwasher myself with my rag and spray bottle of vinegar water and essential oils.  But, while I did find some funk, the machine still had an odor itself once it was running.

Since I had no more answers, I headed to the “answer box”; AKA the computer.  Everything I read said use bleach.  I really didn’t like that idea.  Most said use just a bit, and it’s no big deal.  But, I figured there had to be a better, more natural way to clean the dishwasher.  So I decided to try and use my tried and true natural cleaning buds, baking soda and vinegar.

Of course, they worked like a charm!  I share what I did so you too can avoid bleach and clean your dishwasher naturally.

  • Wipe down the inside, outside, nooks and crannies of the dishwasher so there’s no visible gunk or grime using vinegar water spray and a rag.
  • Put some baking soda into the soap dispenser.
  • Fill 2 small- medium sized bowls with white vinegar and tea tree oil.
  • Put a bowl of vinegar/tea tree oil water on the top rack of  the dishwasher an done on the bottom in whatever spot you have where it can sit there and have water splash it all around the machine during the cleaning cycle.
  • Set the dishwasher on a short cycle.

baking soda in soap dispenser of dishwasher for natural cleaning

bowl of white vinegar and essential oils to clean a dishwasher naturallyOnce the dishwasher completes the cycle, the smells should be gone.  Depending on the machine though and how dirty it is, it may take a second run through to really work.  Do this regularly (monthly would be good) to keep the odors at bay naturally too and you can easily keep your dishwasher spic and span without using any harsh, chemical ingredients.







Natural Remedies For Static Cling To Keep Things From Getting Too Charged!

During the winter static cling can become quite a nuisance. From pants attached to your legs, to a rogue pair of underwear sticking to your back, static electricity is a real drag.  But, what can you do?

Dryer sheets are some of the most popular solutions to keep clothing from putting out a little charge but, they’re toxic and can actually make you sick!  Best not to go that route.  Instead, we’ve gathered up this list of natural remedies for static electricity to help you keep away the static cling and the icky chemicals!


1/4 C Vinegar can be added to you wash and/or rinse cycle to get rid of static cling (and whiten whites, get rid of odors and so much more!).


Add 1/4 C of Borax to your load during the wash cycle and your clothes won’t stick to you or anything else anymore!

Natural Fabric Softeners

There are a few companies that make natural fabric softeners out of ingredients that are much safer for you and the environment than traditional fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Body Lotion

If you run into a problem where you have static cling issues and you’re already dressed, just head back in and put some lotion on the affected area – the cling will be gone instantly!

drawing of clothes on line for natural remedy for static clingLine Drying

Using the dryer is the main source of static cling, line dry and it’s gone.  Drying your clothes on the line is a lot easier said than done in the winter though. Try stringing one up in your basement and see how much less static cling you have to deal with – and how much less your electric bill costs!

Avoid Over Drying

If line drying isn’t possible, try drying your clothes less.  Take them out when they’re just a bit wet and you’ll eliminate static cling.  Setting the dryer on “less dry” can help a lot.

Dampen Things Up

If the clothes are already full of static electricity when you remove them from the dryer or when they’re already on, try wetting your hands.  Then rub them on your clothes, or  keep your hands wet while folding the laundry out of the dryer.

Metal Hangers

If you have a metal hanger it can help you get rid of static cling just by rubbing it all over between you and your clothing.  The metal helps discharge the electricity and get your clothing hanging properly again.

We’re sure that with these natural remedies for static cling you can quit the toxic fabric softeners and dryer sheets and get rid of static electricity naturally instead.

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